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St. Johnís Wort Successful For Depression

An all too common problem with prescription drugs is their high degree of side effects, some of which are very serious. Natural remedies, such as St. Johnís Wort, can often be as effective as prescription drugs, but without all the nasty side effects. A recent study in the prestigious British Medical Journal compared the success of hypericum extract WS 5570 (St. Johnís Wort) with the popular antidrepressant drug Paroxetine (brand name Paxilģ). Researchers concluded, ďIn the treatment of moderate to severe major depression, ĎSt. Johnís Wortí is at least as effective as paroxetine and is better tolerated.Ē If you feel St. Johnís Wort might be right for you, please consult your health care professional.

Source: British Medical Journal. 2005;330:503