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Vaccinations: The Right to Choose.

According to experts at the 3rd International Public Conference on Vaccination, reactions to the increasing number of vaccinations children now receive may be to blame for the dramatic increase in chronic diseases seen over the past decade. Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), stated, "Learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma have doubled; diabetes has increased three times, and autism by 200 to 600 percent. Why? Persistent anecdotal reports have linked chronic diseases and vaccines. Children were healthy until vaccination, and then experienced severe reactions". The NVIC is a national, non-profit educational organization, advocating vaccine safety research and patients' informed consent. For more information on vaccinations, feel free to contact the American Chiropractic Association at 800-986-4636.

Source: ACA. February 27, 2003.